Welcome To Ultimate Remaps LTD

Ultimate REMAPS are the UK’s leading Engine Remapping and Tuning company based in the West Midlands . We use state of the art software and large-scale research is carried out for all our files to be written in-house , which go through various tests to enable the results to be outstanding.

Most vehicle manufacturers will always place certain restrictions on engines to take into consideration poor maintenance, low quality fuel and other factors which can affect an engines life span.

As long as you look after your vehicle following service schedules as recommended by the manufactures and use good quality fuel then our engine remapping and engine tuning service removes these limitations so that you can use your vehicle to its maximum potential within safe limits.

Our Tuning solution will allow you to enjoy your vehicle with both reliability and effectiveness.

We have a growing dealer network in the UK and worldwide with over 100 dealers.

For more info please contact us

+44 (0121) 327 0070

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