Welcome To Ultimate Remaps


The Ultimate Remaps dealer network is growing but due to high demand, we are always looking for agents from the UK across Europe and Worldwide to join us.

You will be supported by our extensive knowledge of vehicle tuning equipment and mapping. If you are an individual looking to go out and carry out this type of work either full time or part time, then you need to be part of Ultimate Remaps.

With our offering, Ultimate Remaps will provide you with all the tuning equipment that is required enabling you to perform tuning & re-mapping on a wide selection of vehicles. You will also be trained to a high standard as an end agent to ensure that you are fully comfortable with using the equipment and how to read & write the process of the maps within the ECU.

As an Ultimate Remaps Dealer you will get;

* For a set fee, your choice of the best tuning systems on the market needed to cover the majority of vehicles,

* Training and telephone support.

* We have flexible working hours and our file service will be available 7 Days a week from 7am to 10pm UK time to our UK and Worldwide Dealers

* Each modified file will be charged at an competitive rate

You will need to supply;

* A modern up to date Laptop or Net book running on at least Windows XP with a USB port. The battery must have a life of at least 2 hours or a inverter can be used if you are mobile

* Internet connection from the base and also on the move if you are going to do carry out a mobile tuning/mapping service as this is required for file transfer and software updates (we use a 3G/4G mobile broadband dongle),

* Diagnostic equipment that can do basic fault code checks


By using the Ultimate Remaps name as an dealer, you will be entitled to:

* Enquiries from your catchments area forwarded from our main website

* Sales generated from Ultimate Remaps in your area

* Pricing will be at the Ultimate Remaps rates or at a discounted rate for group or package deals (you are free to set your own prices for self generated bookings)


This is a genuine opportunity to set up your own business or add to your existing service offering by working with the best tuner within the UK.

.As a minimum, you will be expected to have a basic background in automotive technology and an understanding of computers and email. It is in our interest to fully support and help our dealers to build and grow successful businesses.

Dealer Enquires

We try to keep everything nice and simple however, if there is anything you are unsure of then please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Email : dealers@ultimate-remaps.com

UK Dealers : Tel: (0121) 327 0070

International Dealers : Tel: +44 0121 327 0070

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