Just to say thanks for doing the work on my car a couple of months ago – I said I would provide some feedback. I think you improved the performance from 125bhp to just under 160bhp. This has made a significant difference to torque especially in 3rd through to 6th gear making overtaking a lot more efficient- the engine pulls for what seems like a much longer time and is certainly much more responsive. The difference really is quite noticeable making it a much more “punchy engine” on what was previously quite a sluggish engine. Also my economy has increased from around 46-47mpg to around 49mpg, which is also good bearing in mind this is based on driving nearly entirely on non-motorway miles with lots of stopping and hard(ish) acceleration. I will more than likely get my wife’s Audi A3 (1.9e 105 HP) re-mapped and I would (and have) recommended your company – better performance + better mileage + a good service – no brain-er!!!. Your company was recommended by someone I know and I was a bit apprehensive before but I am really glad I got it done.”‘ type=’text/javascript’>